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Deepak Choudhary is an Aerospace Engineer, Lawyer, Economist, Wealth Manager, Investor and an Entrepreneur.
He was born in Bihar (India) in Madhubani District in Nanour Village in a middle class family. His father was a great Social Worker and a Sanskrit Teacher. He did his primary education in village school known as B.D.A High school. He went to Ranchi for further education and did intermidiate (I.Sc.) from Marwari College Ranchi, Jharkhand. He moved to Delhi for Engineering preparation. In 2008 he got admission in Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology, Pune where he completed B.Tech(Aerospace Engineering). He moved to Delhi again and started working in a private company but his dream was very big, he never satisfied with the job he got.In 2015 he got an offer from "Aeromodelling Wings" (Aerospace Comapany) where he is still working. He done CWM (Charter in Wealth Management) from AAFM (American Academy of Financial Management), USA and started Investment Company "Economic World". He also Completed MA (Economics) between this period. As an Interest he always wanted to be Lawyer hence he has done LLB from Ishan Institute of Law, Greater Noida in the major field of Cyber Law and founded "Legal Door". Legal Door emerges one of the growing Legal Services Company worldwide in a very short span of time and its become a brand now. At present he is living in Delhi-NCR (Greater Noida).
He believes in freedom of choice. Deepak choudhary always says " Life is Beautiful" just enjoy it. He started a mission in 2017 for poor people to join a prestigious job in India like Civil Services, Engineering Services, Judicial Services, Economic Services etc. He founded one of the largest online education portal "" so that everyone can learn oneself by sitting at home and fulfil their dream.



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