Deepak Choudhary


Deepak Choudhary is a Lawyer by Profession.
He was born in Bihar (India) in Madhubani District in Nanour Village in a middle class family. His father was a great Social Worker and a Sanskrit Teacher. He did his primary education in village school known as B.D.A High school. For further education he moved to Ranchi and completed his Intermidiate (I.Sc.) from Marwari College Ranchi, Jharkhand. He moved to Delhi for Engineering preparation. He completed his B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from Pune and started work in a private company. After 3 Years of work he quit Aerospace Industry Beacuase of unsatisfaction and unhappiness. He tried to recognize and discover himself and enter into Legal Profession. He completed LLb from Ishan Institute of Law, Greater Noida and started Legal practice. He formed an Organization known as 'Legal Door'.
In a very short span of time 'Legal Door' becomes well popular and well known name in the field of Law. At present there is 100+ company and organization associated With 'Legal Door'.
Deepak Choudhary also involve in education and guiding students to qualify in civil Services and Judicial Services. He believe in freedom of choice and respecting every person thought, expression and Ideas. He is very down to earth and alwyas ready to help any individual and contribute to society.
He always says "Life is Beautiful- Just Enjoy it."



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